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I’d just rather blog it here. I’m listening right now (and editing) episode 92 (holy crow — 92!?!) of MediaBlather, a podcast that Paul records every week with his buddy and colleague David Strom. I love editing this podcast. I love working with Paul (and David!).

Benefits of my job these days:

1. I get to sleep in. If you know me personally, you know that my “natural” hours don’t get me out of bed until at least noon. I’m grumpy and grouchy and don’t like, well, anything, if you get me out of bed at, say 6:00 a.m. If there’s something really cool to do, I’ll get up at 7. But I won’t like it (or be awake) until about 9 or 10. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I take a lot longer than the average joe to wake up.

2. I get to do the work I want to do. (And, conversely, don’t do the work I don’t want to do.)

3. I get to own a product — PodcastNow! This is especially cool. I thought this product up and have a few steady clients that are really interesting. The concept is this: You don’t know about podcasting. You don’t care what an ID3 tag is. You just have good content or access to a speaker with good content and want to get their word out in a podcast. I make this happen. All you need to do is get someone on the phone and I’ll do the rest — pick out music, edit the recording, finalize the podcast, even put it up on iTunes if you have a series in mind.

So I love my job. I love my days. I love that I can watch Bewitched at 2:00 every day if I want to. And I love my boss. I mean that literally, if you count Paul as my boss. :-)

I’ve spent my last week building a sparkly new website for the House Rabbit Connection, an organization for which I serve as a board member and volunteer my time. It got me to thinking “Why is, which I registered a while back, sitting there with nothing on it?”

So I decided to take action. And in looking for templates, I found this one, called Master Suite from Art House Web Design. The colors appealed to me — nothing too bright. And in researching it, I found this as the theme’s description:

The bright sun filtered perfectly through the pale lace sheers to cast a subtle design on the wall at the foot of the bed. The breeze through my window was infused with the scent of spring flowers and wild herbs. Only moments ago awakened by the blue bird parading along the sill, I lay snuggled between the soft, silken sheets breathing deeply with contentment. I knew that I was going to have a great day.

What a great image to have in mind as I start a new site!

I imagine this site will be a conglomeration of my other sites: — where I blab about my house rabbits and my kitty (kid-friendly) — which I neglect for long periods of time, but is a chronicle of sorts of my ventures with Paul, my husband. — my crafting site, which Martha Stewart would be proud of (I’m convinced), if not for the design but for the entrepreneurial spirit. :-) — where I push my completely random thoughts to total strangers (and some friends).

What else this site turns into isn’t quite known yet. But isn’t that exactly the promise of a new day? To discover and explore and make something out of nothing?

Welcome to my journey, my passions, my hobbies, my life.